Designing in full circle.

So I’ve been getting ready to shoot a video about silk painting, which would include different versions of the media. Compiling my info I started to realize that what I years ago when creating images right on the screen when silk screening is very close to what I do now with the silk painting.

The norm in Fine Art print making of any form would be that your effort is to work so that each new print is exactly the same as the previous print. Presumptively you are working to make a print as close to an original painting as possible. The method that I was working on with serigraphy, silk screening, was even though I had a ‘target image’, was to create on the screen as I was printing. Mostly dealing with just how the inks were applied.

The nature of the silk painting that I’m producing now is that normally you are making a ‘one of a kind’ piece and is usually considered a craft. With what I’m developing now is that yes they are a ‘one of a kind’  but the nature in doing multiples is that the scarves  will reveal  the repeated design that the commercial market is looking for, which is the exact/ similar repetition in design. In other words the broad run in any given design the scarf is repeated but from scarf to scarf in that design there is a uniqueness.  This is mainly due to chemical reaction.

Because I’m working by hand with an assortment of tools and colors I will never create a scarf that exactly matches the one before it, but certainly has all of the attributes of all of the scarves in that batch.